Update & Verify


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yum updateinfo list # get a list of vulnerabilities
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yum updateinfo RHSA-2017:0149 # get more detail about a specific vulnerability
Check integrity - verifing packages
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rpm -Va # verify all installed packages


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apt update
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apt full-upgrade
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apt-get dist-upgrade
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apt list --upgradable |& grep security # show only a list of security updates
linux-generic/xenial-updates,xenial-security amd64 [upgradable from:]
linux-headers-generic/xenial-updates,xenial-security amd64 [upgradable from:]
linux-image-generic/xenial-updates,xenial-security amd64 [upgradable from:]
linux-libc-dev/xenial-updates,xenial-security 4.4.0-71.92 amd64 [upgradable from: 4.4.0-70.91]
linux-tools-common/xenial-updates,xenial-updates,xenial-security,xenial-security 4.4.0-71.92 all [upgradable from: 4.4.0-70.91]
linux-tools-virtual/xenial-updates,xenial-security amd64 [upgradable from:]
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landscape -> https://landscape.canonical.com/
Check integrity - verifing packages
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apt search --full --names-only debsums
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debsums/xenial,xenial 2.1.2 all
  tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums
  debsums can verify the integrity of installed package files against
  MD5 checksums installed by the package, or generated from a .deb

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debsums -es |&  grep --color=no "missing" # e= config,  s= silent
debsums: missing file /etc/default/chromium-browser (from chromium-browser package)
debsums: missing file /etc/init.d/keyboard-setup (from keyboard-configuration package)
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debsums -a &> debsums.log